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Growing Old Gracefully?

28 May

When one thinks about Sridevi or Hema Malini, the first thought that enters our minds is neither their dancing skills nor their acting prowess. What we think of first is how they’ve ‘grown old gracefully’.

In the recent times, there has been a paradigm shift in the definition of ‘growing old gracefully’. Now, it basically means looking young despite how old you are. While it has always been the norm for a woman to not reveal her age, the obsession to not let it show has never been such, as it is today.

Switch to any popular TV channel in prime time and you are sure to hear about ABC cream that fights signs of aging, XYZ soap that makes you look so young that no one believes you are a mother when your child calls out to you and PQR moisturizer that makes you look surprisingly younger!  

Women as young as 20 investing in skin creams to fight the signs of ‘aging’, not realizing their body is not even done with the process of growing up yet. Let alone growing old! And when we ask them why is it that they do so? They say they need to start early lest they develop fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet (gasp!) in a few years’ time.

In the older age group of women, treatments to counter the effects of aging are gaining popularity. An aesthetic clinic called Studio Aesthetique offers multiple different treatments and procedures such as FaceLift surgery, BOTOX treatments, fillers, wrinkle removal, Anti-aging treatments, etc.  to curb the effects of aging on your face.

Studio Aesthetique

So be it creams, soaps or cosmetic treatments, looking young is the new cool. And this is one fad that, I feel, is here to stay. In a world that worships beauty and beauty is equal to youth, such a change is only expected.Besides, the desire to look the age one feels, is only natural. Let the young at heart become young in appearance too!

And who knows? Maybe, just maybe, in future we will be in a world where we won’t even be able to tell a person’s age from their appearance at all! 😛



Abs-olutely awesome!

21 May

Movies. Ramps. Red carpets. No matter where you look, you are sure to find muscled men sporting torsos with 6 pack abs. The toned torso brigade created such a hype that every second person and their neighbor was dreaming about those flawless muscles à la Shah Rukh Khan, Hritik Roshan and now any other random actor. Unsurprisingly, we find guys running to the gym by the dozen to get those perfectly toned abs and that perfect 6 pack.

Cut to two weeks later and the flock reduced to 10% of its original strength. This is because people became acquainted with the harsh road that lay ahead before they could get what they wanted. Sacrifices in the food and long hours slogging it out in the gym only begin to describe everything one had to undergo in order to get there. Naturally, many quit.

While for some, it was out of laziness or maybe unwillingness to work that hard, there were many other who put in honest efforts but it just wasn’t enough. Despite saying NO to the food they loved, working out in the gym diligently and to the best of their ability, the body refused to relent and get them the body they desired.

For such people fostering a dream but fast losing hope, came solution in the form of cosmetic surgical options. For instance, I’m aware of Studio Aesthetique’s VASER Hi-def sculpting for not just men desiring 6 packs but also women who want to sculpt their body. The procedure is indicated for males and females who have good muscle tone, exercise regularly, have good quality skin, and have been unable to achieve their desired muscle definition. After the procedure, patients must wait about a month before returning to their exercise routine. The first evidence of the improved muscle definition can be seen after about two weeks and the final result can be visible in 3-4 months. 

Studio Aesthetique

So if you are someone desiring those 6 pack abs but just can’t make it happen, this can come as a solution to you! Yeah, you can thank us for it later! 😛 😀

Band, Baajaa, Baraat

21 Apr



The end-April beginning of May period marks the beginning of the wedding season in India. Indians have a love for celebration and this love scales new heights when it is the occasion of a wedding. An Indian wedding is the perfect blend of serious rituals with fun-filled customs. Here, the wedding is considered to be the most special day of the lives of the bride and the groom and we sure do know how to make it ultra-memorable. I, for one, am a lover of Indian weddings.

I love the pomp and the extravagance that accompanies every marriage. I love the way the weddings span over a week and the way the preparations take months. I love their vibrancy, their colour! I even love the music, dance and food that forms an integral part of the marriage scenario. But most of all, I love the way the air smells of celebration and joy.

Oh and how could I forget? I obviously do love the shopping for surreal sarees in reds and golds and gorgeous lehengas in hues and shades of purple, green, red and blue, adorned with intricate embroidery in silver or gold and the absolutely beautiful jewellery!

But the exuberance of the wedding and the sheer number of rituals and traditions is enough to overwhelm any bride to be. A very important thing for all the family members participating in the wedding (females, especially) is to look good on the Big Day. After all, it is one of the most special days of their life (THE most special, in case of the bride and the groom) and the need to look your very best on this day, is pretty obvious!  And justified, even. If you wouldn’t want to look your very best on your wedding day, then when would you?!

Just like any other wedding preparations, the preparations for your wedding look should also start well in advance. I have come across several diet plans that brides and grooms to be take up to look healthy and lovely for their wedding day. For instance, Studio Aesthetique has some great nutrition and diet programmes where professional nutritionists give you guidance which is apt to your body type and subjective needs, to get you in shape. They also propose several facials and skin treatments that make sure you are positively glowing on your marriage day! Like their mantra says, Fine Today, Fabulous tomorrow!



So whether it is your own wedding day or that of your near and dear ones, fabulous dikhna toh banta hai boss! 

Feeling Beautiful

7 Apr

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, no matter what social networking channel you are on, it is next to impossible that you haven’t noticed the pictures posted with #NoMakeupSelfie. An initiative that began in the UK in order to raise both awareness and funds for cancer has caught on the World Wide Web and gained immense popularity globally. So much so that it helped to raise approximately Euro 8 million for cancer research.

The campaign, in itself, however, received a mixed opinion from people. While many believe that it is a case of ‘Vanity over charity’, others think it is pure genius how the creators have managed to bank upon the inherent female obsession with looks to not just create a medium for fund and awareness raising but also for appreciation for beauty itself, in its pure and unadulterated form.

I even came across an article that called seeing these selfies an ambivalent experience because, on one hand, the author was horrified at being unable to recognize some of the faces he had known for years and on the other, seeing their true beauty was a breath of fresh air.

The whole campaign got me thinking all over again about the concept of beauty and the importance we attach to it. It’s easy to think that modern culture is more image-obsessed than we’ve ever been, but that’s just not the case. Women have been subjecting themselves to all kinds of bizarre beauty treatments for as long as civilization has existed and no matter how much we expound on beauty being only skin deep, we all have that tiny part, in our heart of hearts that desires to be desirable.

In today’s world, beauty treatments are no longer exclusive to the elite. Women have easy access to affordable treatments at their fingertips. In fact, I came across an aesthetic enhancement clinic called Studio Aesthetique offering skin purifying medi facials for just Rs. 1200, which is no princely sum for the modern, urbane, spa trotting woman. Such treatments are gaining more and more popularity by the day.

I’m of the opinion that being beautiful isn’t about aspiring to be something we’re not or resenting someone else because they are that way. It isn’t found in size zero figures and thigh gaps. To me, it is more about bringing out your best features and highlighting that what is striking about you. It is about that rush of confidence when your hair falls perfectly, it is in that sense of prettiness you feel when you wear that new dress that flatters your body, it is in the dimples on your cheeks that you’ve always prided, it is in that feel-good moment when you look into the mirror and like what you see. It isn’t so much about ‘looking beautiful’ as it is about ‘feeling beautiful’.

And if you click a no makeup selfie to post online or get that beauty treatment simply because you want to and it makes you feel good, where is the vanity in that?

So, I say, ladies, get up, dress up and show up. Be the beautiful that you are capable of being. Not for someone else to see, but for yourself. You are worth that much attention from yourself, aren’t you? 🙂