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5 things students to beat traffic

7 Nov

Traffic jams – the bane of your existence, and a perfect waste of time. We live in a city where traffic is a rule more than an exception. So in such a scenario what do we students do in order to beat the traffic jams? Read on to find out!
1. Leave bizzare-ly early
Oh, so you have a lecture at 12 pm today? You’d better make sure you’re out of your house by 9. Yes, even if your college isn’t far away. Sounds unimaginable? Well, it is the way of life for us. Mumbai roads are clogged with traffic, rain or shine! Now go and read the rest of this article while I leave for the dinner I need to get to at 8pm! *sighs*

2. Take the train
When Mumbai roads are full of traffic and you just can’t seem to get by using any mode of transportation. You end up having to use the trains. Even it means walking to the station that is miles away from your house, climbing an umpteen number of bridges and getting elbowed by aunties who seem to think they rule the overcrowded trains. Even then. Take the train.

3. Speed
So you didn’t end up leaving on time and you know reaching your destination is going to be impossible. What do you do now? The minute you get a slightly empty stretch of road, speed! Slam that accelerator to the floor of your car and rush. And all the while, keep praying that the no traffic cop gets a sight of you and gives you a speeding ticket and not to mention – delay you more!

4. Take a left and then a right and then another left
To get away from the traffic on the main road you turn into several by lanes. Ultimately, you end up taking a route 1843483 times longer than your intended one. And guess what? Because of all that extra travelling, you are still late!

5. Use Traffline!
We’ve all been through harrowing traffic experiences and we have all, at some point, tried the above alternatives but to not much avail. Fear not, because Traffline comes to the rescue! With just a few clicks, this handy mobile app indicates the most traffic free route and makes navigating through the city a breeze!

Traffic woes, no more!