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Restaurant Review: Spices and Flavours

26 May

Spices and flavours is a nice restaurant located in Chowpatty, Mumbai.  The décor and ambiance are the usual but one thing that drew me to the place in particular was the rooftop seating. However, the ambiance is not really what one visits this place for.

True to its name, every dish at Spices and Flavours is packed in taste and flavour. Innovation is the key here and they have a little something creative to do with every dish. For example, the Grande Nachos that we had was presented with Tortilla chips arranged in the form of a volcano and beans on the inside. We made the most of the variety they offered in cuisines and tried continental, chinese as well as North Indian options. The star of the night, however, was the open cheese roomali roti which is basically like a crispy khakhra topped with cheese, tomato and coriander.

Burn Bill

At the end of the meal, we also got 11.25% cashback on the bill as a part of the BurnBill coalition loyalty program that I am a part of. The cash back was given in the form of points, simply on presenting my mobile number and these points are redeemable with any of the other merchants on the BurnBill network!

Spices and flavours is a gujju haunt as it is a veg only restaurant. They made all of our preparations Jain for us on request without any compromise on taste. All in all, it was a great time that we had here! Looking forward to coming back here soon!


Breathings of a Mumbai heart! <3

21 Feb

A city of hopes, a city of dreams,

Mumbai is a city, bursting right at the seams!

From slums to buildings rising high,

This city has an attitude of Never-say-die,

Happy is the man, who calls this place home,

This city is a fortune bestowed upon some!


Mumbai, this is the city not bound by time, a city where human activities continue relentlessly for 24 hours, truly, a city that never sleeps. Home to 1 crore people, life here is so fast-paced that there are few who manage to keep up. It is a city where the law of the jungle prevails “Survival of the fittest”.


The competition begins every morning as one invariably wanders to the nearest railway station. Local trains are the life-line of this city! A train designed for ideally a few hundred people, more often than not, carries thrice its capacity.


Then again, is the not-so-unadventurous ride by a BEST bus. Some passengers dozing, oblivious to the world and the less fortunate ones who didn’t manage to get a seat, spilling out of doors, doing the balancing act as they try to hold on to whatever stranglehold they can get, as the bus bounces along the numerous potholes.


Compete or Perish, this is what the unrelenting, yet kind, frustrating, yet rewarding city says in every way that it can. However, no one here is deterred by this attitude! Everyone is here with a purpose, a dream, which must be fulfilled irrespective of the odds stacked against them. The feeling that everything is possible here is addictive.


There cannot be another city with so many paradoxes. Bursting at the seams, crushed under the weight of millions, the glitz and glam of Mumbai remains unparalleled.


Even with all this, Mumbai is still the city of dreams! Even after a hectic day without a minute to spare, people dare to dream. The dream just gets stronger everyday. The resolve to fulfill it gets stronger everyday. Here, you can still go out at 2 AM without a care in the world of getting kidnapped. You can be stuck in floods and yet be greeted by people, who are there not to take advantage of you, but to offer you tea and biscuits. There is nothing that can replace the spirit and warmth of the Mumbaikars. There is a sense of belonging, which keeps the city going. Even under tremendous exhaustion and anxiety, people keep smiling and people keep loving Mumbai!


Come over and be a part of this melting pot of Madness and Magic called Mumbai, we promise you, Life won’t be the same ever again!