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Growing Old Gracefully?

28 May

When one thinks about Sridevi or Hema Malini, the first thought that enters our minds is neither their dancing skills nor their acting prowess. What we think of first is how they’ve ‘grown old gracefully’.

In the recent times, there has been a paradigm shift in the definition of ‘growing old gracefully’. Now, it basically means looking young despite how old you are. While it has always been the norm for a woman to not reveal her age, the obsession to not let it show has never been such, as it is today.

Switch to any popular TV channel in prime time and you are sure to hear about ABC cream that fights signs of aging, XYZ soap that makes you look so young that no one believes you are a mother when your child calls out to you and PQR moisturizer that makes you look surprisingly younger!  

Women as young as 20 investing in skin creams to fight the signs of ‘aging’, not realizing their body is not even done with the process of growing up yet. Let alone growing old! And when we ask them why is it that they do so? They say they need to start early lest they develop fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet (gasp!) in a few years’ time.

In the older age group of women, treatments to counter the effects of aging are gaining popularity. An aesthetic clinic called Studio Aesthetique offers multiple different treatments and procedures such as FaceLift surgery, BOTOX treatments, fillers, wrinkle removal, Anti-aging treatments, etc.  to curb the effects of aging on your face.

Studio Aesthetique

So be it creams, soaps or cosmetic treatments, looking young is the new cool. And this is one fad that, I feel, is here to stay. In a world that worships beauty and beauty is equal to youth, such a change is only expected.Besides, the desire to look the age one feels, is only natural. Let the young at heart become young in appearance too!

And who knows? Maybe, just maybe, in future we will be in a world where we won’t even be able to tell a person’s age from their appearance at all! 😛