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Restaurant Review: Spices and Flavours

26 May

Spices and flavours is a nice restaurant located in Chowpatty, Mumbai.  The décor and ambiance are the usual but one thing that drew me to the place in particular was the rooftop seating. However, the ambiance is not really what one visits this place for.

True to its name, every dish at Spices and Flavours is packed in taste and flavour. Innovation is the key here and they have a little something creative to do with every dish. For example, the Grande Nachos that we had was presented with Tortilla chips arranged in the form of a volcano and beans on the inside. We made the most of the variety they offered in cuisines and tried continental, chinese as well as North Indian options. The star of the night, however, was the open cheese roomali roti which is basically like a crispy khakhra topped with cheese, tomato and coriander.

Burn Bill

At the end of the meal, we also got 11.25% cashback on the bill as a part of the BurnBill coalition loyalty program that I am a part of. The cash back was given in the form of points, simply on presenting my mobile number and these points are redeemable with any of the other merchants on the BurnBill network!

Spices and flavours is a gujju haunt as it is a veg only restaurant. They made all of our preparations Jain for us on request without any compromise on taste. All in all, it was a great time that we had here! Looking forward to coming back here soon!


Furnishing it!

23 May

I’m writing this blog post as I sit on a couch covered with old bed sheets in the only corner of my house that offers no threat of paint dripping over my laptop keyboard. But the omnipresent saw dust is unavoidable and I’m compelled to clean it off every few seconds.

Well, you guessed it! The House is under renovation.

While the prospect of having a newly decorated bedroom is exciting. There are several hardships that come with living in a house under renovation. There is continual noise of drills and saws and God alone knows whatnot. Besides, you are deprived of basic necessities. Such as a bed. And a plug point.

That notwithstanding, I’m totally psyched about the new look and the new vibe that mi casa is going to be sporting very soon!

While the walls and flooring is being struck away at by the masons, there is one front on which we are completely sorted. The furniture!

Star India Company is a very well-known furniture and home décor store situated at Goregaon. It offers an excellent range of furniture to suit every taste and preference. Be it sofas and couches, beds, storage units or wardrobes, it is a one stop shop for all your home décor needs.

Besides, it is a part of the BurnBill network of merchants and all the points that I had collected by my  expenses at food places, spas and salons, I could redeem for a substantial discount on the home furniture! Whoever would’ve guessed that my expenses in daily life could have helped me save up some cash on a capital commodity like furniture! Such awesomeness!

Burn Bill

They also offer up to 4% cash back on the bill for BurnBill members here.

So if any of my readers are in the process of newly furnishing their homes or are planning to do so, register yourself at www.burnbill.com and visit Star India Company to earn while you spend! 😉


Contest to watch out for! Get free tickets for the latest X Men flick!

22 May

Are you a movie junkie who lines up outside movie theatres every weekend? Or are you a huge X men fanatic and have been waiting for the new movie to come out with bated breath? Well, I have some awesome news for you!

While randomly browsing Facebook, I came across this brilliant opportunity to get movie tickets to the latest movie X men Days of Future Past absolutely FREE!

All you have to do is follow this link to the BurnBill official Facebook page, like it and share the contest post. Then log on to www.burnbill.com and register yourself. That’s it! The movie tickets are yours! It’s as simple as that! They have 100 movie tickets to give away and lots of other BurnBill Goodies too!

Now it is not every day that we get a chance to win free tickets this easily so I thought that I should share it with my blog readers as well.

But, the contest closes on the midnight of 23rd of May so you’d better hurry up and register. I wouldn’t wait if I were you. I, for one, am done with my registration! See you at the theatres!

Loyal, much?

16 May

When I look at the fat bulge that is my wallet (no, not because it is loaded with money, but because of all the loyalty cards stashes inside 😛 ) I recall what my Marketing professor used to always say.

“Getting a customer is easy; it is keeping him that requires efforts.”

It couldn’t ring truer in the current scenario of cut throat competition. With ample of close substitutes of any given product, it takes just one tiny mistake or a 0.1 up from a competing brand for the customers to ditch your product for theirs.

In such a scenario, where fickle mindedness of consumers is rampant, the question in every marketer’s head is the same: How does one retain our customers?

As a solution, came the age of loyalty cards. Every brand under the sun came up with a campaign to make their seemingly ‘loyal’ customers make some purchases, fill up a long form and hand them a card that proclaimed them to be esteemed, prestigious, privileged and the like, customers. Now every time they would make a purchase they would get some points which they could accumulate and then redeem them.

Needless to say the consumers were enticed and dreamed happy dreams of redemption and fat wallets and readily offered their loyalty to the store in return. These loyalty cards were an absolute rage! (I fell prey to many of these too!)

But eventually, the consumer realized that he had done nothing but hoard the loyalty cards of 2347584368 different places with a miniscule number of points that he couldn’t practically redeem. That is unless he spent 10x the money and collected a substantial amount of points to become redeem worthy practically. His wallet had become fat, just not the way that he had expected it to.

As a result, the Indian consumer has now a host of loyalty programs to choose from and only a fraction of which are running successfully. Having come a full circle, marketers felt the need to innovate again and we are seeing new ideas coming up in the domain of loyalty programs.

An important case study I’d like to share is a loyalty program called BurnBill that I myself am a part of. BurnBill is a coalition program with merchants from several sectors in their network – be it restaurants and pubs, spas, cosmetic clinics or even charter services for boats! You can sign up for free at www.burnbill.com or by giving a missed call to 08030 636352 and they create your customized account for you. Now every time you visit any merchant on their network, you get a certain number of points on your bill. These points are accumulated under your common BurnBill account and can be redeemed at ANY of the other merchants on their network! How cool is that?


I think BurnBill is a very innovative concept in loyalty cards because now, a consumer is not restricted to spending at just one place in order to accumulate some points for redemption. Besides, they also have a referral scheme where in every time you refer a friend to BurnBill and they become members too, you get a certain percentage of the points they earn on every single one of their transactions!

With BurnBill, I earn when I spend and I earn when someone else spends too! Can life get any better? 😀

I suggest all of you too go and check it out! It is worth it 🙂


The desi tadka to International food

14 May

Indians have one characteristic that I really admire. We can pick anything up, twist it around, add some Indian-ness to it and make it our own! We wear Indian American, we speak Indian English and we eat… oh well, we eat Indian Chinese, Indian Italian, Indian Mexican and whatnot.

This is how the basic procedure goes. Pick up an international dish. Add somehaldi-mirch-dhaniya jeera-garam masala. Throw in some onions and ginger-garlic-chili sauce. If you’re feeling adventurous add a paneer element to it. Top off with some corrainder leaves. And voila, you have your very own (not so) International (anymore) dish.


I was recently reading The Zoya Factor, a book by Anuja Chauhan where I came across this line “Rinku chachi’s pizzas were loaded with aachari paneer, pineapple and hara dhaniya and no Italian would ever recognize them but they were AWESOME!”

I could relate so much to this line. If you think about it, the flavours of international delicacies are twisted a lot to suit the Indian palate. Our burgers contain spicy aloo tikki loaded with masala, our pizzas are more often than not topped with Tandoori Paneer and we even have masala fries which are French fries tossed in a spicy, tangy masala. Paneer chilly and chicken Manchurian are out and out Indian inventions and a native Chinese guy would probably have a fit if he had to eat something this loaded with spices. 😛




I, for one, am a huge fan of this fusion Indian food. In a country where the success of a meal lies in the event that it makes sweat drip from your brow and non-spicy food is regarded as marizon ka khana, it is only apt that we came up with our own versions to keep our taste buds happy! And it’s not just us. These modified dishes are loved by the people the world over – so much so that there are several Indian fusion restaurants popping up abroad, too.

One of my favourite outlets for digging into Indian Fusion food is Paprika at Powai, Mumbai. Popular for its fusion food, the menu boasts of dishes like Oye Paneer Paneer oye Pizza, Hot garlic bread and the best masala fries ever. It is a must visit for all cheese lovers and not too heavy on the pocket.

It is also a part of the BurnBill coalition Loyalty Program which means that I got 7.5% cash back on the bill here in the form of cash points. These points are accumulated in my member account on www.burnbill.com and can be redeemed at any of the other merchants across their network. And I must add that their network is one wide network comprising of everything ranging from food to spas to cosmetic surgery to car wash! 😀

Burn Bill

I suggest you sign up for BurnBill and definitely pay this place a visit.

In the meanwhile, keep indulging in Indian fusion food and excuse me while I go bite into my spicy, yummy aloo tikki burger!


Smitten by the Sea

12 May

“I’ve seen the sea when it is stormy and wild, when it is quiet and serene, when it is dark and moody. And in all of its moods, I’ve seen myself.”

I’m a person who is a rare confluence of antithesis. I’m hydrophobic. Severely so. So much so that I cried every day of swimming class till my parents finally gave in and let me quit.

I’m not one with many phobias. I don’t shut my eyes and pray under my breath every time the airplane takes off. Nor do heights make me wanna puke. I’m right in front of the queues for roller coasters. But there is something about water that gives me the jitters. For some reason, my mind equates water with drowning and sends me running out of the back door every time someone mentions water sports.

Despite that, I love the sea. Ironic, I know. But true. Sailing, boating, even walking in the ankle deep water on the shores gives me a lot of serenity and peace of mind. On a recent trip to Alibaug with friends, I ignored them all and spent the two hour ferry trip just watching the sea, the ripples our ferry created on the surface, the waves wash against the sides of the boat, feeling the wind in my hair and smelling the lovely sea breeze. What a happy time it was!


There are two kinds of people in the world: the mountain people and the beach people. I’m definitely a beach person. My idea of an ideal vacation includes beaches, cruises, boat rides – the common element, obviously, being the ocean. In fact, one of my fondest dreams is to buy a beach house someday so that I wake up to the sound of the sea every day.

I don’t quite know what draws me to the ocean so much given my otherwise strong fear of water. But I think it is that the endless expanse of water makes me feel insignificant in comparison. It makes me believe that we are a tiny speck in a huge, huge universe and so, we don’t have to take ourselves, our issues too seriously.

Recently, I came across Gateway Charters – a Mumbai based yacht Charter Company that allows us to charter sailboats, motor boats, sports boats, luxury yachts as well as party yachts. The sight of it as one of the merchant partners on BurnBill – a coalition loyalty program that gives cash back every time you spend some money at one of the merchants on their network – made me jump in joy! Now, I can enjoy a perfect vacation in the sea and get up to 15% cash back in the form of cash points that I can spend at any of the other merchants’ outlets!

Burn Bill

I honestly love BurnBill for the way I can find all of my favourite things on its network and it gives me points to redeem doing other favourite things! How often does one get an opportunity like that? 😀

Wake up and Smell the Coffee!

7 May

If I could thank God for creating one thing, it would be coffee. Coffee plays so many important roles in my life – mood fixer, instant headache reliever, 7am lecture survival skills giver, prompt happiness manufacturer… it goes on and on!

Coffee makes good things better. For instance, imagine a rainy day when you stay in watching the raindrops pitter patter on your windowpane. Sounds perfect? Now add a cup of coffee to the scenario. Okay, now, imagine a lazy weekend after a particularly tough and busy week. You’re curled up in bed or on the couch, wrapped in a comfy rug and lost in the pages of your favourite book. Again, add a cup of coffee to this picture. Get what I mean?

If you are a coffee lover, just like I am, chances are that you’re even reading this blog post with a cuppa in your hands.

When I began doing my BMM at SVKM’s UPG College in Vile Parle, a year ago, I fell in love instantly with the college. Why? Because a lovely coffee fragrance lingered in the corridors! It originates from the canteens on the 6th and the 8th floor and spreads all over the college. And it has me salivating so much that I don’t feel all good till I rush and grab a cappuccino or a latte.

The college canteen is one of the few places in the world that makes my coffee EXACTLY how I like it. It is at the correct temperature, not too milky with just the right amount of froth and the perfect quantity of sugar that enhances the delicate coffee flavour, does not override it.  

The server doles out these steaming Styrofoam cups of happiness for as little as Rs. 20 and makes my Monday morning blues, 7am blues, boring lecture blues – a thing of the past! One sip and I’m enveloped in its mouthwatering aroma, its delicious flavour, makes me feel all warm inside and the caffeine rush gives me a heady feeling and lots of happiness!

Coffee quotes

Recently, I’ve even discovered a nice little place called Cupper’s Nest. It is a tiny place nestled away in Andheri (west) which makes some of the finest coffee I’ve ever tasted. Be it an espresso when you need an urgent bout of energy, a cappuccino when you desire something milder or a cold coffee on a hot summer evening – this place makes them all great!

Besides, I even get upto 11.25% cash back here being a part of the awesome BurnBill Coalition Loyalty Program and the points I ear here can be redeemed at several other of their merchant partners across a variety of sectors! Awesomeness!

Now that I am done writing this blog post, let me go grab another cup of nice, warm coffee. After all, all you need is love and a little coffee! ❤