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Festive Diaries

21 Dec

Mumbai is a city in which we celebrate every festival with unmatched pomp and joy. Be it bursting the crackers during Diwali, devouring the iftaar kebabs at Mohammad Ali Road in Ramadan or getting covered in colour during Holi – no one does it like Mumbai does!
However, the festivities get to a whole new level during level during Christmas and New Year! The city houses and shops get covered in scintillating lights, Christmas trees are set up in major hotels and stores. Little trinkets are sold in lines and lines of stalls along the street! There is the pleasant winter air bearing the feeling of Christmas!
But the only negative aspect is the immense traffic it causes. With midnight masses and late night parties, street shopping and club hopping – all of Mumbai is on the streets during these festivals making your commuting a nightmare. And if you’re planning to go anywhere even remotely linked with Bandra, God help you!
However, Traffline comes to the rescue! With just a few clicks, this handy mobile app indicates the most traffic free route and makes navigating through the city a breeze!
Never let traffic put a roadblock in your festivities again! Get the app now!


My Traffline Story

12 Dec

I had a quintessential Bollywood-esque day once. The kind of day that happens only in dreams or should I say nightmares! Just about a week ago I had a very important entrance exam to give. In fact, the result of this one exam would have immense influence on my career.
I was so tensed about the exam that I actually stayed up studying till wee hours of the morning. I don’t quite know at what moment I fell asleep but the next thing I knew was it was 9:32 am. My exam was to start in exactly 28 minutes! Yikes!
I grabbed my exam bag and set off, bathing would have to take a miss for this one day.
But the nightmare was just beginning! Just as I got into an autorickshaw I was struck by the realization that the streets were unusually clogged that day. There was no away I was going to be able to reach my exam centre on time. Panic gripped my stomach as I slowly processed the consequences of what would happen if I didn’t get there on time.
After a few minutes of pure, unadulterated fear, a sudden idea struck me. Why was I worrying about Traffic when I had Traffline?! I sighed in relief and consulted my traffline app, quickly I was suggested an alternate route which was free of traffic and managed to get to the exam centre in time!
I’ve never been more grateful to any mobile app in my life!

A day in the life of an Indian Traveller

4 Dec

Mumbai, this is the city not bound by time, a city where human activities continue relentlessly for 24 hours, truly, a city that never sleeps. Home to 1 crore people, life here is so fast-paced that there are few who manage to keep up. It is a city where the law of the jungle prevails “Survival of the fittest”.

The competition begins every morning as one invariably wanders to the nearest railway station. Local trains are the life-line of this city! A train designed for ideally a few hundred people, more often than not, carries thrice its capacity.

Then again, is the not-so-unadventurous ride by a BEST bus. Some passengers dozing, oblivious to the world and the less fortunate ones who didn’t manage to get a seat, spilling out of doors, doing the balancing act as they try to hold on to whatever stranglehold they can get, as the bus bounces along the numerous potholes.

And all along, there is a continuous pestering traffic. In a city where everyone is a part of a frenzied race, how can you let traffic slow you down? To your aid comes Traffline. A one of its kind app that gives you the easiest and most traffic free route to get to your destination as well as live traffic updates so you are never late again.

Compete or Perish, this is what the unrelenting, yet kind, frustrating, yet rewarding city says in every way that it can. However, no one here is deterred by this attitude! Everyone is here with a purpose, a dream, which must be fulfilled irrespective of the odds stacked against them. The feeling that everything is possible here is addictive.

Even with all this, Mumbai is still the city of dreams! Even after a hectic day without a minute to spare, people dare to dream. The dream just gets stronger every day. The resolve to fulfill it gets stronger every day.

Come over and be a part of this melting pot of Madness and Magic called Mumbai, we promise you, Life won’t be the same ever again!

Random things students do when stuck in traffic

28 Nov

Traffic jams are awful but what makes them more interesting is the behavior of people stuck in one. No matter where you live, we are pretty sure you must’ve seen people indulge in some of these or may have done so yourself!

  1. Get out of the car to see what’s going on –  Obviously, the traffic jam didn’t appear out of thin air and the Sherlock that you are, you will have to find the source of it!
  1. Sleep – You got out of bed at an unearthly hour for this lecture. While the traffic jam is ensuring that you are going to be late, might as well catch up on a wink or two!
  1. Honk – Yes, we know that honking really isn’t going to help clear the jam, but what to do? Traffic jam mein control nahi hota!
  1. Apply some makeup – Most of us women have been guilty to use the few (or if you’re unlucky, many many more) minutes in a traffic jam to fix that tiny colour bleed from our lipstick or the unevenness of our eyeliners. And if you’re stuck in one in the middle of the day, it is the perfect time for a touch up!
  1. Check your phone – Checking your phone while driving your car is unadvised and dangerous but most of us do put the traffic jam time to use by returning a missed call or replying to a text.


A lot of us have been guilty of these random things to pass the time in a Traffic jam. However, with Traffline, there is no need anymore! Traffline is an app available on your Android, Blackberry, Windows or Apple device that allows you to punch in your source and destination and gives you the most traffic free route to get there.

What’s more? The app’s newsfeed consists of live posts by users in real time that can inform you about traffic jams or roads under construction.

With Traffline, getting stuck in a traffic jam is a thing of the past!

Get Heard!

20 Nov

Living in the digital age, there is a constant need to get heard. The youth of today is looking for platforms to make their voice reach out to the masses, be it college, social networking sites, newspapers, blogs or internet forums – it is everywhere!

But, a lesser known fact is that even an App can be used to make yourself heard. I came across this experience when I was using Traffline. Traffline is India’s largest community based traffic app where commuters share real time traffic info, road info and traffic issues on the timeline.

The live news feed in the app can be used to alert other commuters about massive traffic issues or road breakdowns so that they are not subject to the same problems. Besides, they can be used as a medium of raising your voice against social issues. Since the app has millions of other users, it is indeed an excellent tool to reach out to a mass audience at once.

For instance, the app allows us to write about a Super Cop if he or she prevents a mishap or clears a traffic jam in a jiffy. Somehow, I believe that through this app people are appreciating the efforts the traffic police puts in. They are unsung heros who work ceaselessly and tirelessly to make our life smoother. High time we did something to appreciate their hard work.

Way to go, Traffline!

5 reasons why you should use Traffline  

14 Nov

So one fine day as I was stuck in the Bombay ka oh-so-famous traffic, I wondered if there could be a solution for that. Like all of the other modern day problems, to find a solution for this problem too I turned to God Google. Within the next few second I was recommended this mobile app called Traffline. I installed it wondering if it could actually provide some respite from the Traffic woes and I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. I absolutely love the app! And so, I’m listing down 5 reasons why you should check it out too!

  1. Get an instant picture of traffic conditions

This app has in-built maps that colour the roads differently based on the traffic conditions therein. So at a single glance, you can get the exact idea about what the traffic conditions are on the route that you are planning to take!

  1. Traffic Alerts

The app also gives to you traffic updates and alerts in real time so that you can make a wise choice about the route that you want to take and avoid unnecessary waste of time and of course, retain your mental sanity, often threatened by the traffic!

  1. Receive and Share updates
    As you are travelling you can receive live updates in the news feed of the app so that you can pick the most traffic free route to get to your destination. Besides, you can share updates too and help thousands of other who are tormented by daily traffic, just like you!
  2. Shout out!

Is there a road under construction? Found a super cop who cleared a traffic jam in a matter of seconds? Post a shout out about the same and get heard by thousands of others!

  1. Say bye to being stuck in traffic
    With Traffline you can enter your source and destination on the app and you will receive a route which is the most traffic free! So say goodbye to being stuck in traffic jams!

Of course, you will have to think up a new excuse to give to your teachers/bosses because “There was too much traffic” isn’t valid anymore! *wink wink* 😉

5 things students to beat traffic

7 Nov

Traffic jams – the bane of your existence, and a perfect waste of time. We live in a city where traffic is a rule more than an exception. So in such a scenario what do we students do in order to beat the traffic jams? Read on to find out!
1. Leave bizzare-ly early
Oh, so you have a lecture at 12 pm today? You’d better make sure you’re out of your house by 9. Yes, even if your college isn’t far away. Sounds unimaginable? Well, it is the way of life for us. Mumbai roads are clogged with traffic, rain or shine! Now go and read the rest of this article while I leave for the dinner I need to get to at 8pm! *sighs*

2. Take the train
When Mumbai roads are full of traffic and you just can’t seem to get by using any mode of transportation. You end up having to use the trains. Even it means walking to the station that is miles away from your house, climbing an umpteen number of bridges and getting elbowed by aunties who seem to think they rule the overcrowded trains. Even then. Take the train.

3. Speed
So you didn’t end up leaving on time and you know reaching your destination is going to be impossible. What do you do now? The minute you get a slightly empty stretch of road, speed! Slam that accelerator to the floor of your car and rush. And all the while, keep praying that the no traffic cop gets a sight of you and gives you a speeding ticket and not to mention – delay you more!

4. Take a left and then a right and then another left
To get away from the traffic on the main road you turn into several by lanes. Ultimately, you end up taking a route 1843483 times longer than your intended one. And guess what? Because of all that extra travelling, you are still late!

5. Use Traffline!
We’ve all been through harrowing traffic experiences and we have all, at some point, tried the above alternatives but to not much avail. Fear not, because Traffline comes to the rescue! With just a few clicks, this handy mobile app indicates the most traffic free route and makes navigating through the city a breeze!

Traffic woes, no more!

Growing Old Gracefully?

28 May

When one thinks about Sridevi or Hema Malini, the first thought that enters our minds is neither their dancing skills nor their acting prowess. What we think of first is how they’ve ‘grown old gracefully’.

In the recent times, there has been a paradigm shift in the definition of ‘growing old gracefully’. Now, it basically means looking young despite how old you are. While it has always been the norm for a woman to not reveal her age, the obsession to not let it show has never been such, as it is today.

Switch to any popular TV channel in prime time and you are sure to hear about ABC cream that fights signs of aging, XYZ soap that makes you look so young that no one believes you are a mother when your child calls out to you and PQR moisturizer that makes you look surprisingly younger!  

Women as young as 20 investing in skin creams to fight the signs of ‘aging’, not realizing their body is not even done with the process of growing up yet. Let alone growing old! And when we ask them why is it that they do so? They say they need to start early lest they develop fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet (gasp!) in a few years’ time.

In the older age group of women, treatments to counter the effects of aging are gaining popularity. An aesthetic clinic called Studio Aesthetique offers multiple different treatments and procedures such as FaceLift surgery, BOTOX treatments, fillers, wrinkle removal, Anti-aging treatments, etc.  to curb the effects of aging on your face.

Studio Aesthetique

So be it creams, soaps or cosmetic treatments, looking young is the new cool. And this is one fad that, I feel, is here to stay. In a world that worships beauty and beauty is equal to youth, such a change is only expected.Besides, the desire to look the age one feels, is only natural. Let the young at heart become young in appearance too!

And who knows? Maybe, just maybe, in future we will be in a world where we won’t even be able to tell a person’s age from their appearance at all! 😛


Restaurant Review: Spices and Flavours

26 May

Spices and flavours is a nice restaurant located in Chowpatty, Mumbai.  The décor and ambiance are the usual but one thing that drew me to the place in particular was the rooftop seating. However, the ambiance is not really what one visits this place for.

True to its name, every dish at Spices and Flavours is packed in taste and flavour. Innovation is the key here and they have a little something creative to do with every dish. For example, the Grande Nachos that we had was presented with Tortilla chips arranged in the form of a volcano and beans on the inside. We made the most of the variety they offered in cuisines and tried continental, chinese as well as North Indian options. The star of the night, however, was the open cheese roomali roti which is basically like a crispy khakhra topped with cheese, tomato and coriander.

Burn Bill

At the end of the meal, we also got 11.25% cashback on the bill as a part of the BurnBill coalition loyalty program that I am a part of. The cash back was given in the form of points, simply on presenting my mobile number and these points are redeemable with any of the other merchants on the BurnBill network!

Spices and flavours is a gujju haunt as it is a veg only restaurant. They made all of our preparations Jain for us on request without any compromise on taste. All in all, it was a great time that we had here! Looking forward to coming back here soon!

Furnishing it!

23 May

I’m writing this blog post as I sit on a couch covered with old bed sheets in the only corner of my house that offers no threat of paint dripping over my laptop keyboard. But the omnipresent saw dust is unavoidable and I’m compelled to clean it off every few seconds.

Well, you guessed it! The House is under renovation.

While the prospect of having a newly decorated bedroom is exciting. There are several hardships that come with living in a house under renovation. There is continual noise of drills and saws and God alone knows whatnot. Besides, you are deprived of basic necessities. Such as a bed. And a plug point.

That notwithstanding, I’m totally psyched about the new look and the new vibe that mi casa is going to be sporting very soon!

While the walls and flooring is being struck away at by the masons, there is one front on which we are completely sorted. The furniture!

Star India Company is a very well-known furniture and home décor store situated at Goregaon. It offers an excellent range of furniture to suit every taste and preference. Be it sofas and couches, beds, storage units or wardrobes, it is a one stop shop for all your home décor needs.

Besides, it is a part of the BurnBill network of merchants and all the points that I had collected by my  expenses at food places, spas and salons, I could redeem for a substantial discount on the home furniture! Whoever would’ve guessed that my expenses in daily life could have helped me save up some cash on a capital commodity like furniture! Such awesomeness!

Burn Bill

They also offer up to 4% cash back on the bill for BurnBill members here.

So if any of my readers are in the process of newly furnishing their homes or are planning to do so, register yourself at and visit Star India Company to earn while you spend! 😉