Festive Diaries

21 Dec

Mumbai is a city in which we celebrate every festival with unmatched pomp and joy. Be it bursting the crackers during Diwali, devouring the iftaar kebabs at Mohammad Ali Road in Ramadan or getting covered in colour during Holi – no one does it like Mumbai does!
However, the festivities get to a whole new level during level during Christmas and New Year! The city houses and shops get covered in scintillating lights, Christmas trees are set up in major hotels and stores. Little trinkets are sold in lines and lines of stalls along the street! There is the pleasant winter air bearing the feeling of Christmas!
But the only negative aspect is the immense traffic it causes. With midnight masses and late night parties, street shopping and club hopping – all of Mumbai is on the streets during these festivals making your commuting a nightmare. And if you’re planning to go anywhere even remotely linked with Bandra, God help you!
However, Traffline comes to the rescue! With just a few clicks, this handy mobile app indicates the most traffic free route and makes navigating through the city a breeze!
Never let traffic put a roadblock in your festivities again! Get the app now!


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