My Traffline Story

12 Dec

I had a quintessential Bollywood-esque day once. The kind of day that happens only in dreams or should I say nightmares! Just about a week ago I had a very important entrance exam to give. In fact, the result of this one exam would have immense influence on my career.
I was so tensed about the exam that I actually stayed up studying till wee hours of the morning. I don’t quite know at what moment I fell asleep but the next thing I knew was it was 9:32 am. My exam was to start in exactly 28 minutes! Yikes!
I grabbed my exam bag and set off, bathing would have to take a miss for this one day.
But the nightmare was just beginning! Just as I got into an autorickshaw I was struck by the realization that the streets were unusually clogged that day. There was no away I was going to be able to reach my exam centre on time. Panic gripped my stomach as I slowly processed the consequences of what would happen if I didn’t get there on time.
After a few minutes of pure, unadulterated fear, a sudden idea struck me. Why was I worrying about Traffic when I had Traffline?! I sighed in relief and consulted my traffline app, quickly I was suggested an alternate route which was free of traffic and managed to get to the exam centre in time!
I’ve never been more grateful to any mobile app in my life!


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