A day in the life of an Indian Traveller

4 Dec

Mumbai, this is the city not bound by time, a city where human activities continue relentlessly for 24 hours, truly, a city that never sleeps. Home to 1 crore people, life here is so fast-paced that there are few who manage to keep up. It is a city where the law of the jungle prevails “Survival of the fittest”.

The competition begins every morning as one invariably wanders to the nearest railway station. Local trains are the life-line of this city! A train designed for ideally a few hundred people, more often than not, carries thrice its capacity.

Then again, is the not-so-unadventurous ride by a BEST bus. Some passengers dozing, oblivious to the world and the less fortunate ones who didn’t manage to get a seat, spilling out of doors, doing the balancing act as they try to hold on to whatever stranglehold they can get, as the bus bounces along the numerous potholes.

And all along, there is a continuous pestering traffic. In a city where everyone is a part of a frenzied race, how can you let traffic slow you down? To your aid comes Traffline. A one of its kind app that gives you the easiest and most traffic free route to get to your destination as well as live traffic updates so you are never late again.

Compete or Perish, this is what the unrelenting, yet kind, frustrating, yet rewarding city says in every way that it can. However, no one here is deterred by this attitude! Everyone is here with a purpose, a dream, which must be fulfilled irrespective of the odds stacked against them. The feeling that everything is possible here is addictive.

Even with all this, Mumbai is still the city of dreams! Even after a hectic day without a minute to spare, people dare to dream. The dream just gets stronger every day. The resolve to fulfill it gets stronger every day.

Come over and be a part of this melting pot of Madness and Magic called Mumbai, we promise you, Life won’t be the same ever again!


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