Random things students do when stuck in traffic

28 Nov

Traffic jams are awful but what makes them more interesting is the behavior of people stuck in one. No matter where you live, we are pretty sure you must’ve seen people indulge in some of these or may have done so yourself!

  1. Get out of the car to see what’s going on –  Obviously, the traffic jam didn’t appear out of thin air and the Sherlock that you are, you will have to find the source of it!
  1. Sleep – You got out of bed at an unearthly hour for this lecture. While the traffic jam is ensuring that you are going to be late, might as well catch up on a wink or two!
  1. Honk – Yes, we know that honking really isn’t going to help clear the jam, but what to do? Traffic jam mein control nahi hota!
  1. Apply some makeup – Most of us women have been guilty to use the few (or if you’re unlucky, many many more) minutes in a traffic jam to fix that tiny colour bleed from our lipstick or the unevenness of our eyeliners. And if you’re stuck in one in the middle of the day, it is the perfect time for a touch up!
  1. Check your phone – Checking your phone while driving your car is unadvised and dangerous but most of us do put the traffic jam time to use by returning a missed call or replying to a text.


A lot of us have been guilty of these random things to pass the time in a Traffic jam. However, with Traffline, there is no need anymore! Traffline is an app available on your Android, Blackberry, Windows or Apple device that allows you to punch in your source and destination and gives you the most traffic free route to get there.

What’s more? The app’s newsfeed consists of live posts by users in real time that can inform you about traffic jams or roads under construction.

With Traffline, getting stuck in a traffic jam is a thing of the past!


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