Get Heard!

20 Nov

Living in the digital age, there is a constant need to get heard. The youth of today is looking for platforms to make their voice reach out to the masses, be it college, social networking sites, newspapers, blogs or internet forums – it is everywhere!

But, a lesser known fact is that even an App can be used to make yourself heard. I came across this experience when I was using Traffline. Traffline is India’s largest community based traffic app where commuters share real time traffic info, road info and traffic issues on the timeline.

The live news feed in the app can be used to alert other commuters about massive traffic issues or road breakdowns so that they are not subject to the same problems. Besides, they can be used as a medium of raising your voice against social issues. Since the app has millions of other users, it is indeed an excellent tool to reach out to a mass audience at once.

For instance, the app allows us to write about a Super Cop if he or she prevents a mishap or clears a traffic jam in a jiffy. Somehow, I believe that through this app people are appreciating the efforts the traffic police puts in. They are unsung heros who work ceaselessly and tirelessly to make our life smoother. High time we did something to appreciate their hard work.

Way to go, Traffline!


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