5 reasons why you should use Traffline  

14 Nov

So one fine day as I was stuck in the Bombay ka oh-so-famous traffic, I wondered if there could be a solution for that. Like all of the other modern day problems, to find a solution for this problem too I turned to God Google. Within the next few second I was recommended this mobile app called Traffline. I installed it wondering if it could actually provide some respite from the Traffic woes and I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. I absolutely love the app! And so, I’m listing down 5 reasons why you should check it out too!

  1. Get an instant picture of traffic conditions

This app has in-built maps that colour the roads differently based on the traffic conditions therein. So at a single glance, you can get the exact idea about what the traffic conditions are on the route that you are planning to take!

  1. Traffic Alerts

The app also gives to you traffic updates and alerts in real time so that you can make a wise choice about the route that you want to take and avoid unnecessary waste of time and of course, retain your mental sanity, often threatened by the traffic!

  1. Receive and Share updates
    As you are travelling you can receive live updates in the news feed of the app so that you can pick the most traffic free route to get to your destination. Besides, you can share updates too and help thousands of other who are tormented by daily traffic, just like you!
  2. Shout out!

Is there a road under construction? Found a super cop who cleared a traffic jam in a matter of seconds? Post a shout out about the same and get heard by thousands of others!

  1. Say bye to being stuck in traffic
    With Traffline you can enter your source and destination on the app and you will receive a route which is the most traffic free! So say goodbye to being stuck in traffic jams!

Of course, you will have to think up a new excuse to give to your teachers/bosses because “There was too much traffic” isn’t valid anymore! *wink wink* 😉


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