Furnishing it!

23 May

I’m writing this blog post as I sit on a couch covered with old bed sheets in the only corner of my house that offers no threat of paint dripping over my laptop keyboard. But the omnipresent saw dust is unavoidable and I’m compelled to clean it off every few seconds.

Well, you guessed it! The House is under renovation.

While the prospect of having a newly decorated bedroom is exciting. There are several hardships that come with living in a house under renovation. There is continual noise of drills and saws and God alone knows whatnot. Besides, you are deprived of basic necessities. Such as a bed. And a plug point.

That notwithstanding, I’m totally psyched about the new look and the new vibe that mi casa is going to be sporting very soon!

While the walls and flooring is being struck away at by the masons, there is one front on which we are completely sorted. The furniture!

Star India Company is a very well-known furniture and home décor store situated at Goregaon. It offers an excellent range of furniture to suit every taste and preference. Be it sofas and couches, beds, storage units or wardrobes, it is a one stop shop for all your home décor needs.

Besides, it is a part of the BurnBill network of merchants and all the points that I had collected by my  expenses at food places, spas and salons, I could redeem for a substantial discount on the home furniture! Whoever would’ve guessed that my expenses in daily life could have helped me save up some cash on a capital commodity like furniture! Such awesomeness!

Burn Bill

They also offer up to 4% cash back on the bill for BurnBill members here.

So if any of my readers are in the process of newly furnishing their homes or are planning to do so, register yourself at www.burnbill.com and visit Star India Company to earn while you spend! 😉



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